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Fine soaps hand crafted in small batches

Welcome to Blue Aspen Originals! The instructions and photographs here are simple and easy to follow so you should have no problem at all taking the big plunge into creating your first batch of handmade soap. Be careful though, it is very addicting!

April, 24, 2006 I am no longer updating this site, my interests have moved on and I don't have the time or energy to put into soapmaking or this site. I will continue to leave the site up but don't have time to update links or answer any questions you may have.

Cold process soap is inherently moisturizing and has a smooth creamy lather. It cleans the skin without making it itchy and dry like some store bought "soaps" do. The saponification process takes place over several days because no additional heat is used in this method.

How to make Cold Process Soap

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adding scent
Final Results

How to Swirl Color in Soap

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Ever wonder how to make those wonderful swirls in cold processed soap? Lots of color pictures to show you the way.
Visit this site to learn how to save a batch of soap that didn't turn out the way you wanted it.

How to Rebatch/Handmill Soap

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Learn how to create rich herbal infusions from dried and fresh herbs.

Infuse Herbs for Soapmaking

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Need some ideas on recipes? I have a few posted here.
Confused on what trace is?
Superfatting/Lye discount?
What is soap?


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How to make Soap Labels

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A quick tutorial on how to use Microsoft Publisher to make cigar band soap labels
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